Just finished watching the documentary movie “Man on Wire” and it brought several thoughts to contemplate – how strong leadership, hard work and persistence to follow your heart can deliver incredible results, but at the same time how much strong friendship can help to achieve these results.

Passion is definitely the first think to notice in the documentary. Drive with a full heart is the essential element to build something great or even beyond reasonable. It is so important to enjoy the process, because even when times are difficult, you will not abandon your passion, this is your life.

Passion leads to a hard work. It was not just walking on the line, but the really detailed planning, analysis, construction of models, acquiring necessarily skills to do what needs to be done.

Without persistence and stubbornness it would be really difficult to pass through resistance on some stages, on several moments where realization of impossible comes into play.

One of the key elements here is practice. Learning by doing helps on the way to understand what happens and what needs to be adapted and improved.

Another essential element – friendship. Immediately the film brings nostalgia, when friends around are playful, supportive, or at times not supportive – does not matter as long as they are here with you, around, stimulating the process of creativity, adventure and discoveries. Playful friendly environment naturally lights up ideas. Film reveals well the joyful and thoughtful moments of discussing, watching, playing, supporting moments. A team work becomes even more important when the action time comes.

What is disgraceful about the movie and in general about human nature – narcissism. The movie leaves an emotion that best friends are left and largely undervalued after the walk between two towers is done and the walker become celebrity. Is this betrayal? Not really, because there was no any promise or arrangement and everyone is free to do what they want. However, there is something deeper than that. There is a natural tendency to change the friends after you grow “out of your clothes”, when friends and you develop different paths and have different needs. These processes are also important in order to keep going and not be sentimental or nostalgic. However, it is one situation when friends keep being friends, just maybe less present, and second situation is when friends are completely ignored or not credited after the person achieves the ambition or becomes the celebrity. Man on Wire situation perfectly illustrates the point – the genius walker on the wire looses something essential in his achievement. We dont know the whole story, but it seems abandoning friends in a such a quick and abrupt way is not the best way for everyone. It seems that his ego or narcissism is overtaking the healthy mind, the ambition to succeed comes at any cost. Looking how his friends behave and complement, it seems man on wire lost quite an important group of friends and his success is much lower comparing to what it could be if he would credit his friends. It might be the other way around, but the feeling of something unsolved and hanging is there. It seems that man on wire would benefit (maybe be even more successful) and be happier in the long run just by not quitting fiends or past so abrupt.

The documentary really well depicts the strive and passion. Man on wire is a super strong leader from whom we all need to learn. He inspire to follow the heart and work as hard as possible on your dream. However, there is one thing that is very useful to notice – friends are super important in building magnificent projects, but they should not be forgotten afterwards – they might help to build something outstanding again!