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Developing Money Ideas JustinasMy name is Justinas. I hope Developing Money Ideas blog will inspire you for a concrete action in your personal development and money management or give some ideas to contemplate and apply in your daily life.

Beside developingmoneyideas.com, I have founded personal investment blog investorship.uk, online design jewellery store subtilus.co.uk, a non-profit and non government centre of learning through mobility abroadship.org and a centre of sustainable entrepreneurship foundship.org.

I live in London, while i was born and raised in Lithuania. I have a masters degree in Economics and experience working as a financial analyst. This blog is a lot about Finance and Money, since last 13 years were spent studying or working in the field. On the other hand, i am quite curious person, who tries to develop hundred of other skills and never stop growing. As a result, i am burning to explore Self Development cases and reveal formula of happiness. Finally, multiple Ideas are constantly shaping my understanding and behaviour, thus would like to analyze and discuss them here with you as well.

The name Developing Money Ideas could mislead a bit, since it could be read only as a united phrase, while the main meaning is three separate topics: personal development, personal finance (or money management) and idea sharing. The logo reflects a bit more of the core idea – blue circle marks the cloudy dreamy development, green square reflects sustainable green finance and money management, while yellow triangle enlightens and points out towards a better future.

Here you will find different ways how to make and save money, which leads to the core of this blog – how to grow your net worth in a sustainable way. We will come back the definition and further discussion about this later. For now, please note, that here you will find slow and legal ways of getting prosperous, as opposed to getting money quick. In the money square we will talk about investing, real estate, entrepreneurship and money management.

Personal or self development includes discussion of various tools, methods, programs and systems how to grow personally. Here you could find inspirations from books, films, online courses, seminars, other blogs or ideas from friends. Developing category entails inevitably environment that surrounds us. Developing could and should positively encourage environment.

What does not go under the money or development umbrella, will go under ideas. The illuminating lamp, the eureka moment, the wish to open the window and look at the colorful and dynamic world. The only criteria – ideas should be beneficial to you or in other words – worth spreading.

I hope you will find this blog interesting. I can promise that Developing Money Ideas (DMI) will be on constant experimentation, innovation and adjustment to be more useful and interesting to read. This will be a play ground to develop a writing skill. I love placing thoughts in my diary, but this is for YOU and not in my mother tongue language English. Lets both learn on the way.

I am thinking to post around 3 times a week. Would be great, if you could provide a constant feedback and discussion. I would love to hear what are you suggestions.

Hope to see you again and hope you will take something useful with you!